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Taneiya Young

Black kids in the future

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The Bejide Sisters

An Excerpt from their comment and story...

To me it means that African Americans have finally unite to fight against a forefront of injustice, it means that they have finally realized that the only way to win is to fight together.


 At the age of twelve Noel already knew the real meaning of colorism, not just because of the internet but because she had experienced it at school. She later realized the impact of it when she went to college. She didn’t want to go out with her friends or leave her apartment complex unless she was going to her classes and that was all because of her insecurities. But after a couple of months, she later came to realize that things had changed and that nobody really cared if you had a lighter or darker complexion. Noel was now comfortable enough to go wherever she wanted without being worried that someone was going to stare for a minute too long. Sure, Noel still had insecurities about her self but who doesn’t? And she hoped the rest of the world would change and see that she was beautiful just the way she was.

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